Legacy Foundation

The Palm Beach Pops is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and within such purposes: to financially support the cultural performing arts and other general charitable causes in Palm Beach County, Florida; to facilitate the personal, professional and artistic growth of young promising talent that meet criteria related to music and the general culture performing arts; and to perform as an orchestra when hired to do so. Specific distributions shall include, but not be limited to, instruments, grants, scholarships, music lessons, arts programs and fundraisers.

The Pops will continue an active role in its direct charitable activities, run their own programs, utilize resources to directly further their charitable operations and will continue accepting donations from the community.

Palm Beach Pops, Inc.
Legacy Foundation of Palm Beach County
Application for Funding


To provide partial or full funding for music or vocal lessons, instruments or scholarships for a specific period of time in order to enable promising young talent to pursue their goals and careers in the cultural arts.


  • Available for promising talent between the ages of 6 and 18
  • Bob Lappin Legacy Grant is available specifically for professional/advanced talent seeking to further conducting or piano study between the ages of 21 and 35
  • Must currently be taking lessons, participating at school or have a proven current ability in the field of interest
  • Must have a proven financial need
  • Must reside in Palm Beach County, Florida – although certain exceptions may be granted for exceptional talent or extenuating circumstances
  • Completed application IN FULL
  • One letter of reference from a music professional (SUBMIT WITH APPLICATION)
  • One letter of reference from a non-related adult that can provide insight into the applicant’s promise (SUBMIT WITH APPLICATION)
  • Must commit to the time period that the funding is provided for and provide updates as specified in a prospective acceptance letter and agreement upon funding approval
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Auditions and/or interviews will be required and may be recorded or publicized
  • Report cards for the prior 2 years of study elementary and high school students and an official University transcript for The Bob Lappin Legacy Grant are required (SUBMIT WITH APPLICATION)
  • Background screenings may be required for applicants over the age of 18

The application process will open the last Monday of each February and the last Monday of each August for 30 days.

Applications shall be emailed to creative@palmbeachpops.org, faxed to 561-832-9686 or mailed to:

The Legacy Foundation of Palm Beach County
c/o The Palm Beach Pops, Inc.
801 Northpoint Parkway
Suite #9
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
No phone calls, please.